Rat rescue near me

Rat Terrier. For Adoption. Posted Breed: Rat Terrier. He enjoys walks and playing with toys. He loves children of all ages and other dogs too Meet Lucky, a 25 lb, 7 year old rat terrier. He is an owner surrender due to his owner no longer being able to care for him. He is playful, and active Sparky is a calm and well-tempered little man, though he's a very sleepy boy who doesn't like being woken up from his naps.

He's a super laid-back guy Posted Breed: Rat Terrier short coat. Adoption Fee: Posted Breed: Rat Terrier medium coat. Hello world, my name is Lia! I'm a sweet girl that likes to be the center of your attention and can't wait to start off the new year with Looks like: Rat Terrier Mix Female, 10 years old, 10 pounds This old gal has lots of pep in her step!

She is a sweetheart and My previous owner passed away unexpectedly and Doodlebug has developed a couple of do's and don'ts for you humans. First of all, do discover the delight of dwelling with Doodlebug by If you are unable to find your companion in our Dogs for Adoption sections, please consider looking thru the directory of Rescue Organizations, to see if they have any current dogs for adoption listings.

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The Georgia Rat Rescue

Log in here. Male, Baby Rat. Under normal circumstances, we do not adopt rats to anyone living more than 50 miles from Philadelphia, PA unless you have adopted from us before former area residents, etc We also usually do not accept surrenders of more than 3 rats at one time when we have space.

We are a very small rescue with limited foster space. We are not equipped to take in large groups of rats such as from pet stores, hoarders, or breeders.

We take rats only from urgent, emergency situations, especially those involving abandonment, illness, old age and abuse. If you cannot keep your rats for other reasons such as "moving" and "no time for anymore"please plan to responsibly rehome them, or bring them to your nearest rat-friendly animal shelter or humane society if you need recommendations, please ask us.

rat rescue near me

We exist to help those rats who have no one else, and who need help the most. Please look at our profiles of available rats, and decide which ones you would like to apply for.

Then email prradopt gmail. If you are approved please note that approval is not guaranteed and depends on your answers on the applicationwe will contact you again. Once we receive the adoption contracts back by email, we will put you in touch with the foster parent of the rats you want.

We take in single and paired rats from private individuals, "free" ads on Craigslist and Freecycle and from abandonment or abuse situations.

We do not normally take rats in from animal shelters or hoarding situations because we are not equipped to handle large groups of rats. We were founded to save the rats in most urgent need of rescuing. Most of the time, we take rats in for genuinely urgent reasons only.

If we have space, we will take rats from non-emergency situations. They live out their golden months with our foster moms, in peace, safety and comfort, receiving any veterinary care they may need.

Due to space, our rescue and sanctuary are both limited admission. We also exist to act as advocates for the well-being and safety of domestic rats everywhere. This means at times we will take public positions on issues which impact domestic rats. We also serve as a referral agency for the times when our foster homes are full. We will refer surrenderers to other reputable rescues and shelters in these cases.

We also can help if you are in need of a pet sitter for rats, either for a short business trip or a long vacation! If you need rat sitting, please ask us, we have members who are very experienced in rat care and would be happy to help! You must live no more than 50 miles from Philadelphia, PA to adopt from us, unless you are a past, approved adopter who has since moved away from this area.

Please email prradopt gmail. See Adopted Pets List. Support Adoption and Rescue.All pets listed on this site are up for adoption. Rats, Gerbils, Degus, Ferrets and many others.

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We've made it our mission to make sure every Rat, Gerbil, Ferret, Degu, Guinea Pig or any other rodent up for adoption in Louisville Kentucky gets placed in a loving home. Please be aware that we are an all volunteer run non profit group. Unfortunately, most of us have jobs and lives away from the rescue which makes it extremely difficult to respond immediately. Please know that we will get back to you within about 48 hours at the most. If you are interested in adopting and you do not hear back from someone within 48 hours, please try contacting us again.

A gerbil is a rodent halfway between a rat and a mouse in size. They're usually oz, and have a slightly different facial shape than a mouse or rat.

Their long tails are covered with fur and end in a tuft. A degu is a rodent that lives in Chile in South America. Highly social herbivorous mammals, they live in groups, nest in burrows and are diurnal active during the day. They are about the size of an adult person's open palm. Specially bred rats have been kept as pets at least since the late 19th century.

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Often misunderstood and undeservedly underrated as pets, rats are incredibly intelligent little rodents, and they make great pets for children. Hamsters are small rodents that are commonly kept as house pets.

Rodents & Small Mammal Rescue

They are distinguishable from other rodents due to their short tails, stubby legs and small ears. Hamsters have many different colors.

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Have you ever looked at a ferret in a pet store and wondered what it would be like to have one? Or perhaps you have a friend who has a ferret, and you've become curious about what kind of pet a ferret would be. Guinea pigs might well be the gentlest of all pets.We are happy that you have decided to adopt a Rat.

Rat adoption is a wonderful way to provide a Rat a second chance and caring environment. Most pets arrive at shelters because the owner had to move, could no longer afford the pet, had a death in the family, or simply gave up the responsibly of being a care taker for a Rat. Before bringing home a Rat, make sure you have considered the full impact of your decision.

Below is a brief overview of the type of needs a Rat might require and what you will need to consider for the life time care of a Rat. Part of that responsibility is taking time to understand the basic needs of a Rat. At the top of that list should be getting know the diet of a Rat. Find out how often and what a Rat needs to eat. Next, what shelter do you need to provide? Get to know what habitat a Rat is accustom to, what temperature will the Rat need to maintain, and what range of temperatures are acceptable for a Rat to survive.

For example, can you handle a Rat. What is an indicator if a Rat is being aggressive and senses fear? Some pets will maintain much more happiness as long as they live socially, does a Rat need a companion pet in order to live happily? What exercise does a Rat need regularly? Rat adoption can be an enriching experience, and is a big decision.

Whatever pet you adopt will demand certain lifestyle changes, and a financial commitment. Estimating the monthly costs of owning a pet is just as important as making sure you have the time and motivation to feed the Rat when necessary, and provide a safe environment to live. If you have contact info for a shelter in one of these places that does not have pets posted with us, please e-mail us and we'll contact them.

Missouri St. Our mission and passion is to help get homeless pets out of the shelters and into loving homes. Let us know what you think!This darling girl was found stray and never claimed.


Appears to have been used for breeding but those days are behind her now as she is spayed, fully vetted…. Beth is a lovable and snuggly girl who has really blossomed while in her foster home. We believe she is around 9 yrs old. She loves to spend time on your…. Kids are also way too much for him right now, so he needs…. She's not necessarily a lap dog, but she does love to hang out with you as much as possible.

rat rescue near me

She's a really sweet and…. She likes playing with…. They ll be adopted as a pair for. Ads 1 - 8 of 2, Sort Dogs by Fae Rat Terrier Adult Female. Breed Jack-Rat Terrier.

Age Adult. Gender Female.

rat rescue near me

View Details. Beth Rat Terrier Adult Female. Rocky Rat Terrier Adult Male. Gender Male. Patty Rat Terrier Senior Female. Age Senior. Jerry Rat Terrier Senior Male. Color Black. Color Tan. Cedar Falls. Cedar Rapids. Council Bluffs. Des Moines. Iowa City. Mason City. Sioux City. West Des Moines. Dog Breeders. Dog Sitters. Dog Walkers. Dog Groomers. Dog Photographers.The health and safety of our volunteers, our adopters, and our rats are our top priority during this difficult and confusing time, and we hope that you, your family, and your pets are remaining safe and healthy.

In light of recent news, and in an effort to keep our volunteers safe, we are suspending all public events effective March 16, This includes all adoption events. At this time we do not know when we will resume public events. Please contact us regarding private adoptions or surrenders.

At this time there is limited evidence to suggest that domesticated companion pets are at risk of contracting COVID Regrettably, we have already seen an influx in surrendered and abandoned pets due to this epidemic. Now is the time to please consider adoption or donating to the rescue! Please see below for links from reputable sources for the latest information : U.

All we can do is plan for the worst, and hope for the best. Thank you for your continued support. Posted in Other. Posted on Please be aware that not all of our events will have available rats for adoption. If you plan on attending an event with the intent to adopt, you must contact us ahead of time.

Drop-ins are always welcome, but we cannot guarantee we will have rats available for you if you do not contact us at least 3 days prior to an event. Pet Food Express. Posted in Adoption Fair Announcements.

Please be aware that not all of our events will have available rats for adoption. The Pet Place.

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April Events Posted on Please be aware that not all of our events will have available rats for adoption. California Blvd. March Events Posted on Feb 23, Please be aware that not all of our events will have available rats for adoption.

Dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of domestic pet rats in Northern California. Follow Us!Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened. Our Mission. Best Friend Rodent Rescue is a no kill, C 3 non-profit animal shelter and rescue dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and finding homes for neglected and abandoned small animals, primarily domestic rats, from other shelters and owners who can no longer care for them.

By working with committed volunteers, foster homes and local veterinarians, we are able to rescue hundreds of small animals every year, provide them with loving temporary care, and find them well-matched, carefully screened forever homes. Our Tail. Saving the World One Rat at a Time! Please be aware that we are an all-volunteer, nonprofit C 3 rescue and shelter.

While we have an amazing group of Directors, Volunteers and Supporters, unfortunately most of us have jobs, lives and families away from the rescue which makes it extremely difficult for us to respond immediately. Please know that we will get back to you within about 72 hours at the most. If you are interested in adopting and you do not hear back from someone within 72 hours, please try contacting us again.