Hughes 300 rc helicopter

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hughes 300 rc helicopter

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Big RC Hughes 300 1:4 Scale Vario Model Electric Helicopter

Angry Birds Bomb Squak-Copter 4. Venomax 2. Camo Hercules Unbreakable 3. The helicopter everyone has been waiting for has arrived! The 3CH Hughes !

This helicopter has Omni-Directional Flight which means the helicopter blades are set so that the helicopter flies forwards. With this special setting it can be controlled and flown around a large room with out crashing due to drifting. The 3CH Hughes Helicopter also comes with radio controller, brake for easy landing, and everything that is needed to fly!

In addition, the 3CH Hughes electric rc helicopter has a range over feet high in the air! For questions regarding this product please email our friendly customer service team. Call our Customer Service at if you find a lower price on any of our items we'll match it. Need Help? Call our Customer Service Team at How can you mistake one of the classic icons in modern helicopter aviation?

The Hughes was originally produced in and grew to become one of the most versatile helicopters of all time. It was not uncommon to see the with floats hovering over a wreck site in the ocean or on a lake, or outfitted with agricultural spraying equipment flying over farms. Later editions of the were used as law enforcement helicopters and beginning in the US Army contracted a version of the Hughesdesignated THA and officially named Osage, to be used as a single rotor training helicopter.

In lateSchweizer purchased all rights of the Model and helicopters from Macdonald Douglass. Today the Schweizer C, with its diverse range of accessories, is one of the most popular two-seat helicopters available to the general mass market. The complete ready to fly package includes the LiPo battery, charger, sophisticated transmitter and even a spare set of rotor blades.

And after getting this heli in my hands, I am totally ok with that. When I saw the photos of the Hughes on the companys website www. But, boy was I wrong! The first thing I noticed as I removed the heli from the box was scale details such as the custom tail fins, the Hughes canopy and the functional suspension system on the landing gear. The Hughes is mechanically similar in layout and design to other class helicopters.

Note the scale-looking gear. T he Hughes is a size helicopter complete with a powerful Kv brushless power system, heading-lock gyro and a 3S LiPo battery. Four mini servos are preinstalled to control the swashplate, collective and tail rotor.

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The main frame is constructed of a tough but lightweight ABS plastic. The tail boom is aluminum and is covered with a white plastic sleeve to give the heli its scale appearance.

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The tail boom supports are carbon fiber as is the push rod connecting the rudder servo to the tail gearbox. The tail rotor is belt-driven off of an autorotation gear assembly on the main shaft. A one-way Torrington bearing in this gear allows the heli to auto-rotate if power is lost.

This design keeps the tail rotor spinning to maintain yaw control during autos. Left: The rotorhead should look familiar to any experienced heli pilot.

Molded parts offer plenty of control precision for sport flying, and are much less expensive than CNC aluminum parts. Numerous ball bearings ensure minimum friction. Right: The tail rotor uses a conventional belt drive coupled with a pushrod bellcrank to activate the tail rotor. The head on the is comprised of a standard Bell-Hiller mixer, a flybar with adjustable weights and ABS paddles. The collective is controlled by a servo under the main gear assembly.

A control wire is housed in the center of the main shaft and attaches to the mixer through a slot in the shaft just below the head. It is a very simple and efficient design that yields a very smooth collective response.

The left and right cyclic servos are mounted just forward of the motor on the top of the main frame. They are connected to the swashplate via ball links and a degree arm to produce a slop-free control system. The receiver is mounted below the servos and the main battery is at the front of the main frame. The shock-absorbing gear is not just for show. It is fully functional and works just like the real thing. A unique feature on the full-scale Hughes was the suspension system on the main landing gear.

This design dampens the blow from harder than normal landings, protecting the main structure as well as the pilot. This was one feature that we tested out, sometimes unintentionally, during our flight tests. They really do help dampen a harder than planned landing.

The Hughes comes with a 6-channel FM transmitter from E-Fly and under most circumstances I would comment that this transmitter is out of date since 2. However, this one is full of features that rival the standard transmitters that come with RTF helis of this scale.Your 1 Source for RC Models. Live chat. Our complete catalog of radio-controlled RC helicopters allows for aerial hobbyists of all ages and from all backgrounds of experience to get into the air with minimal hassle.

Motion RC carries a wide variety of RC helicopter models. Our RotorScale brand is perfect for intermediate pilots who want a mid-size size RC helicopter with scale details and an affordable price. For our advanced RC heli builders seeking the ultimate in scale RC helicopters, we carry Roban,and class helicopters in over 50 different airframes and liveries. New arrivals are always exciting and come complete with innovative features such as computerized gyros for superb directional control and stability, proportional rotor head servos for smoother and more precise control response, lightweight airframes, and carbon fiber components.

Our friendly and knowledgeable experts are on-hand to lend their knowledge as aerial hobbyists themselves. Our products are available in a wide variety of striking color schemes and with unique features, offering a specialized flying experience. Our selection of remote control helicopter models includes everything from highly maneuverable and agile models to simplistic indoor-only beginner RC model helicopters.

hughes 300 rc helicopter

Some models also come with free batteries, allowing you to get airborne near-instantly. In addition, you can count on these products to serve you admirably for years to come thanks to their durable and longevity-focused designs.

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Hughes TH-55 Osage

All RC Construction. Battery Holders Power Supplies. Clearance Items. Open box items. Gift Cards. Back to main menu Electronics.Toys, toys, toys, I just love them! The Micro Hughes is very cool and lots of fun to fly around all over the place. The helicopter itself is very well made and very rugged as I crashed it many, many times while playing with it. Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:. Item At only 5" long it easily fits in the palm of your hand, is fully functional and has the same classic design as the Hughes helicopter that has become so famous in the RC world.

This tiny marvel has 2 transparent windows so you can see in the cockpit, landing gear and a tailshaft stabilizing fin for better control. The micro Hughes helicopter charges directly from the controller which uses "AA" batteries and has a full-function trim control for the awesome flying fun. Get one today before they all fly away! Want to fly helicopters at one time? No, problem. Order 2 or more of these miniature RC marvels and we will send you different frequencies for the remote controls.

Features :. Proportional Control. Flight Stabilizing System. Lithium-Polymer Li-Poly Battery. Lightweight Airframe. Hughes Body. Ready to Fly. Charges Straight from the Controller. Specifications :.

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Available In 3 Frequencies. Includes :. Hughes Mini Helicopter. The Micro Hughes RC Helicopter comes in a brightly colored and informative box, in fact the instructions are on the back of the box!Enter your email below and we'll send you a notify email when this item is available for purchase. World Tech Toys 2.

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X14 Space Explorer 6-Axis 2. X15 Space Explorer 6-Axis 2. Glow In the Dark Hercules Unbreakable 3. Spy Hercules Camera Unbreakable 3. Angry Birds Bomb Squak-Copter 4. Venomax 2. Camo Hercules Unbreakable 3. This helicopter was designed with beginners in mind to help learn how to fly helicopters.

The design of this helicopter allows is to be very sturdy and hover extremely well, plus it even has an adjustable gyro! The Hughes will entertain you for hours. You can fly this helicopter outside or in your very own living room. Available in Yellow, Red, Green and Silver.

hughes 300 rc helicopter

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hughes 300 rc helicopter

X Sign Up for Exclusive Coupons! Countdown To Christmas Sale Drones.Completely funded by Mathew Harder. It was also produced as the Model family of light utility helicopterssome of which were marketed as the Model The Model C was produced and further developed by Schweizer after InHughes Tool Company's Aircraft Division carried out a market survey which showed that there was a demand for a low-cost, lightweight two-seat helicopter.

The division began building the Model in September It was initially designed with a fully glazed cockpit with seating for two pilots, or a pilot and passenger. It also had an open-framework fuselage and a three-blade articulated rotor. The prototype flew on 2 October[2] but it wasn't until that the decision was made to develop the helicopter for production. The original truss-work tailboom was replaced with a tubular tailboom and the cockpit was restructured and refined prior to being put into production.

With this model, Hughes successfully captured a large portion of the civilian helicopter market [2] with an aircraft that would prove itself popular in agriculture, police work and other duties. The Hughes was designed with a fully articulated, three-blade main rotor designed by Drago Jovanovichand a two-blade tail rotor that would remain as distinctive characteristics of all its variants.

It also has shock absorber-damped, skid-type landing gear. The flight controls are directly linked to the swashplate of the helicopter so there are no hydraulic systems in the There are generally two sets of controls, although this was optional on the civil A.

For three-seat aircraft, the middle collective control stick is removable and a seat cushion can be put in its place for the third passenger. Inprior to full-time production, Hughes provided five preproduction Model examples to the U. With some design changes, deliveries of the Model A version began in By mid about 20 aircraft were being produced a month and by the spring ofhad been built.

While the U. Army had not found the Model adequate for combat missions, in it adopted the Model A as its training helicopter to replace the TH and designated it the THA Osage. Army's primary helicopter trainer until it was replaced in by the UH-1 Huey. At the time of its replacement, over 60, U. Army pilots had trained on TH making it the U. Army's longest serving training helicopter. InHughes introduced the slightly larger three-seat Model B which it marketed as the Hughes Toggle navigation.

The scale Hughes Ready to Fly breaks new boundaries with the world's 1st ultra stable Heli Trainer. Powered by an ultra efficient and equally powerful kv brushless motor that offers a full flight range of aerobatics. The v2 headlock gyro will keep the Hughes from breaking unexpectedly in either direction, and makes it easier than ever for the novice to master a solid hover.

The user can choose from two style of flight modes with the flip of a switch. Choose either "trainer mode" or "3D mode". You can also dial out an in how much gyro gain you desire on the included 5 channel F. M computer radio system.

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All drive shafts run on ball bearings for a super low friction drive system. The Hughes flies with complete precision using the highest available technology today in a Ready to Fly Helicopter.

Extra blade set and hex tools included. Specifications- Rotor Diameter: 25 Inches, Length: Technical Specs. Action Videos. Accessories for this product Hughes Sliding Bush. Hughes Servo Holder. Hughes Frame. Hughes Main Rotor Shaft.

Hughes Elevator Servo Holder. Hughes Triangle Rocker Arm. Hughes Bearing -5x2x2. Hughes Tail Rotor Wing. Hughes Ball Buckle. Hughes Sleeve Parts. Hughes Balance Bar Hughes Belt Drive Set. Hughes Total Pitch Arm.